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"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

Recently, I've been having a wobble with regards to my running. When I'm out there doing it, I still love it, but I've been lacking the motivation to get out there in the first place. Throughout March, my longest run has been 5km which is very unlike me not to run further, and I've been taking plenty of walk breaks which is also unlike me on shorte...
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Fairy tale series; Part 3 of 4

  Whilst running for my 3rd of the Fairy Tale Series medals, I spent the 5K thinking about why I run. Here are 14 of the reasons that went through my head: Because I've got all the gear!Eating guilt free after a long run.Food - oh wait, I've already covered that one!One run can change a bad day to a good one.Races - practice makes me better at...
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Look like a beauty run like a beast challenge

This was the 2 nd of the Medalmad Fairytale series. The previous was the Mirror Mirror challenge and both were 5K. If you've seen any of my previous blogs you'll know that for me.. Parkrun and fancy dress go hand in hand. So why not dress as the hulk as part of the Tilgate Parkrun Superhero event to mark our 300th Parkrun. It was amazing running al...
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Running Buddies

  Hi All, This post I am going to write about running buddies..more specifically my two year old running buddy. I started running when my little boy was six months old and he came with me every week to running club. He even got good at wiggling his feet when we were warming up. When he was a dink he used to sleep about ten minutes into the run...
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Before Midnight: A Modern Fairytale.

Enter your text here ... Once upon a time there was a girl named Runderella who just loved to run. She wanted to complete a Medal Mad virtual challenge and earn a medal called 'Before Midnight.' Alas, she was unable to, as her trainers were old and worn; they kept threatening to injure her each each time she wore them out on a run. Whatever would s...
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​Heyyou guys…. Cheers!

So Craig has already asked our horse Hercules to write a Medalmad guest blog, so it's only fair that his wife gets to do one now. I'm Melissa, 'trouble and strife' of Craig - your usual blogger.The first reason I wanted to write this blog was firstly because Craig bought me the 'Hey you Guys' 10K Medalmad Challenge for my Birthday, and the second r...
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These Girls Can Run The World

When I saw this challenge I thought it was just a 'girls only' event but like all things at Medalmad they are always inclusive! In fact if you are regular reader, you'll remember that even my horse Hercules has taken part in one of the challenges (and even wrote the blog). That one was meant to be about running with your dog (I don't have one), but...
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The Pursuit Challenge 13.1M Section

  It seems that I Just can't say no.Every new challenge Medalmad launch - I want to take part in. So, when I saw the Pursuit Challenge - it just had to be done. I'm not running a marathon this year, and to be honest I am really enjoying just staying half marathon fit. One of the halves in my diary this year, (after thoroughly enjoying it last ...
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Emerald City

  My last blog was about some steps back I had while training for the London Marathon. I explained how after a few weeks of taking it easy and doing some cross training, my shin splint was able to heal. Which brings me onto my next challenge.  I had a 10km race booked three weeks after my shin splint had caused me problems. Having not ran...
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My Running Journey So Far

​ Hi all. I'm Becky, a Brand Ambassador for Medal Mad. I thought I'd recap on my running journey so far, as I know that we have had lots of new members joining Medal Mad since the National Running Show in January. I completed the Couch to 5k program in April 2016 with the view that I would run the entire 5km distance in the Race for Life run I'd en...
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