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Dare To Dream 13.1 miles

'All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them?' said a wise man once, the inspiration behind this medal design.Through all the adversity in our lives, all the trouble and obstacles, you should always continue to pursue your dreams. Have the courage and the strength to move forward, push through the hard times to achieve someth...
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The Mini Gauntlet Challenge 20k

Due to the popularity of our Gauntlet 60k and numerous requests for a shorter distance version, also suitable for older children, so we have created The Gauntlet 20k virtual challenge!Use the power of the Gauntlet to motivate you to run further than you have before, starting with your 2k infinity stone and slowly building up your distances tic...
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Adventures in Wonderland 13.1miles Virtual Challenge

Do you often feel like you're in a world of your own? Do you dream of going on an Adventure in Wonderland? Well now you can!.... kind of…..with this 13.1 mile virtual challenge! Use this medal as motivation and take on a half marathon (after-all we're all mad here at MedalMad!).Now don't be late, you have until en...
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Staying Motivated and Keep going.

How to Stay Motivated and Keep Going.I had a couple of topics in mind for my next blog entry, but I felt that given the current global situation I thought I'd talk a bit about how I keep myself going and get my challenges done.Now given everything that's going on with the UK and many other countries on lockdown it and all the news being bad can be ...
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My Couch to 5K Experience

 If someone said to me 4 months ago I'd now be excited to get out for a run and that I can now run 5K I'd have laughed at you. This week I completed my Couch to 5K journey so today I thought I'd share with you some of the thoughts and feelings I had while working through Couch to 5K, as well as some tips I've learnt along the way. Please remem...
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Heroes of the NHS 5km

Support our NHS and sign up to our Heroes of the NHS 5km challenge!About this medalThis medal was first designed by our team in 2016 for Valentines day! The medal itself is a photo frame that you can use to insert any picture you like inside. We have chosen to re-release this medal for our NHS Heroes this time with a new blue ribbon instead of...
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Live and Let Run Virtual Run

Everyone's favourite MI6 agent is back and it's Time to Run!Your mission is to complete 007 miles by the 30th June, anytime, anywhere. Your mission won't be easy and you will need to use your super intelligence, wit and charm to get you through but at the end reward yourself with a martini (shaken not stirred of course) and this awesome medal!Compl...
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Look for the Good Spots in Life!

This quote feels so apt right now. Life feels so uncertain in this current climate with many of us feeling worried about what the future holds for ourselves and for loved ones. So look for the good spots in life! This medal was designed by our very own MedalEmma and we are all so pleased with how this one turned out. We always come up with the conc...
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Go Team Hempsted!!

Working with SchoolsOver the last few weeks (prior to school closures) MedalMad have been working closely with a small local primary school to help get more children running!By supplying medals and resources to the school for each participating child we have motivated 50 children to take part in the school morning running club. The children va...
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Running Through COVID-19

My children have been off school for over a week already due to showing mild symptoms and as a household we are now all in self isolation. We are usually a very active family, my husband owns a martial arts gym and myself and the children bother train their most days, so having to get used to staying home has been frustrating.A few days in and I de...
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