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Hey there fellow runners! I'm Pete, I'm 36 and I've been running for 4 years now, ironically I became a runner through drinking our favourite beverage... alcohol haha!A half marathon was my first official race, I threw myself into the lions den, finished my first half with virtually zero training plus being a chunky monkey in 2hrs 45mins. Roll...
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Anytime Challenges Have Grown!

More Anytime challenge are now available on our website and app!!! Yey!Virtual Running and Fitness Challenges are about motivating people to be active and stay active – anywhere, anytime anyplace! We also wanted to offer you more variety and more exciting challenges than any other virtual running site. So we thought, why limit you lovely ...
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Runners World

Take a look at September's issue of Runners World! An interesting article about virtual running – quoting MedalMad's very own CEO Mike Squire! Nice to read the positive comments about MedalMad. We love what we do here and will keep inspiring and motivating you all to achieve you fitness goals by bringing you amazing bling and exciting challeng...
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The Fastest And Furthest July!

 Introducing The Fastest and The Furthest!At the start of every month we will be showing you the Top 5 MedalMadder's who ran the fastest 5k challenge and the Top 5 who covered the furthest distance – Just for fun!!Data is collated for the previous month, for all challenges submitted through the app only. Here are the results for July! Were you...
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Race Results for July's Virtual Challenges

Well done to everyone who took on a virtual challenge and race in July. We do hope you love your medal. Below you will find a the top 12 for all of July's races and times. If you want to know where you finished please go to the app and click on Race Results. July challenge results will be available till the end of August on the app.The re...
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Can You Believe It? It is the End of July Already!!

 Wow! can it really be the end of July already?!!? Well the end of the month means two things in the world of MedalMad. 1) Evidence deadline for July challenges. Do not be one of those who misses out. Submit your evidence to claim your medal. If you are using the app just log back in and upload your evidence. If you are using the website click...
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A Squat Could Be a Runners Best Friend!

Most runners know that an element of strength training in their training plan is important to help with endurance, speed and injury prevention. But how many of us actually know or practice strength training exercises on a regular basis? And what exercises should you be doing?One of the most important strength exercises a runner can do is The Squat....
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2019 Big Challenge Discounts

As we enter the second part of 2019 we are offering 33% off our big distance challenges to keep you going for the rest of the year. We are also offering 33% off our new Hit My Target September challenge, where you can choose your target for September. It is a new type of challenge for us and we hope you enjoy it.So for £8 you can find an extra...
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A Little August Treat!

 With July almost coming to an end we thought we would give all our August challengers a little added motivation to complete their challenges... If you have already signed up to an August challenge or are thinking about it - DO IT!We are sending out 20% discount codes in each medal package that is sent during August, if that isn't en...
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MedalKids Free Downloads and Things to Do This Summer

​As summer draws near we thought we would put together some activities that you can do with the kids. Some at home and other events that we have found going on this summer, that would be great for the family. We have included in this blog the Bug Hunt and the Scavenger Hunt download sheets.  Bug Hunt ​The Bug hunt is a family favourite an...
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