A bit around my home

Today I want show you a little bit how it looks like around my Home.
I live in the northern end of Wuppertal-Barmen the town northern of us is Sprockhövel, witch is part of the Ruhrgebiet. Some of you may know the Ruhrgebiet as area of coal and steel.
The first picture shows the street where I live in, a lot green and some not that bad houses.
The second picture shows "Gaststätte Winkelmann". The house was build in 1660 and kept running as a pub in owners family hands untill October 2020. Then it had to be closed as a lot other nice places because of the pandemy.
The third pic shows you a view in the Ruhrgebiet done from the northern end of Wuppertal Barmen.
Im very lucky to live in a very green area, the main disadvantage to live on on of the upper ends of the hills here in town is that I always need to go up, when I come home.
On result from this bad pandemy is Im going more and more by foot and dont use public transport any more, although public transport is very good here in town, compart to other parts of Germany.

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