A Journey Starts...

Everyone knows the saying! A journey starts with a single step. Team Anglerfish have been walking together for a whole decade, since the kiddo first learned to toddle! But mama always thought herself too unfit to run.

To take that first step, we started about a year ago with the Couch To 5k app. It didn't go well. Kiddo can *run and talk at the same time*!! How do children have that much energy?! Mama can barely get between lampposts at a light jog, so keeping up a conversation at the same time was not on the cards!

​Even week one of the Couch to 5k app was too much for me! After a week, I was ready to give up. Maybe I had to accept I would never be fit enough.

But that would be a short blog, wouldn't it?!

After chatting to friends and trying to find some motivation, we discovered MedalMad. It's so relieving to hear that even walking is a celebrated accomplishment! The achievement shouldn't be measured against other people - yeah, we're really slow! Who cares?! We're stronger and fitter and faster than we were yesterday!

Team Anglerfish *never* take the easy path. For our first challenge, we've chosen a 60k, which we're splitting into 5k bursts. We need that long duration motivation, rather than a sprint! Even if we have to crawl, we're going to do that whole 60k!

Thank you all so much for building this community, for those of us who aren't fast enough and don't have the confidence to race with other people around us yet! We'll be close to the bottom of the leaderboards, but we'll be there!

- Team Anglerfish

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