A Virtual Run to Grow Strong Roots

 Our latest virtual challenge is one that will help you grow strong roots and foundations. Beautifully crafted this medal represents all the hard work you put into so that your achievement can blossom.

This virtual challenge has 3 different distance options for you to chose from. You can choose a 5 mile, 10 mile or 25 mile option. Whatever distance you think you can achieve but is still motivation to go that bit further.

Like all our virtual runs and challenges you can do these distances in parts, breaking down your activity into smaller pieces. So maybe your next virtual challenge will be the Strong Roots 25 mile challenge.

You do have a time limit. Why? Because it helps keep you focused and prevents you from just putting it off. It is one of the key elements of a SMART goal. T for time. Time is important for setting is goal that is achievable. How long do you have to complete or when does it need to be achieved by. This is an important factor of goal setting.

So use a MedalMad virtual run or challenge to help you set that smart goal.

Why not set your first SMART goal and sign up to this virtual challenge and earn the amazing bling.

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