Anytime Challenges Have Grown!

More Anytime challenge are now available on our website and app!!!


Virtual Running and Fitness Challenges are about motivating people to be active and stay active – anywhere, anytime anyplace! We also wanted to offer you more variety and more exciting challenges than any other virtual running site. So we thought, why limit you lovely members to one specific month to complete the challenge that motivates you? This is why we have now added even more Anytime Challenges! With an Anytime Challenge you have until the end of that calendar year to complete your selected challenge. If you miss a challenge and bling that you really love you may find it coming back in the Anytime section, however this won't happen for every challenge so please don't hold off signing up to your favourite challenges.

We still have our monthly Virtual Races for each specific month featuring all our brand new exciting challenges and bling! The monthly races will work as before, with your evidence needing to be submitted within a set period to time in order to receive your medal, this is designed to push you to reach your goals (not because we are mean 😉).The monthly Virtual Races also add you to the Leaderboards if you are using the app, but this will not happen for Anytime Challenges.

So check out our Anytime section on the website or app, select the bling that you love with a distance that will challenge you and get active!

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