Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby its cold outside -who wants to go out running?!

Are the shorter days and the cold, wet weather making you ditch your trainers and instead snuggle up on the sofa in your pj's with a nice mug of steaming hot chocolate and binge watch that latest hit TV series? Who could blame you?! It's that time of year that we all start to feel like hibernating and really need a boost of winter motivation to keep up with our usual running regime.

Here are 7 of our top tips to help keep you motivated and active during the winter months;

1.Invest in some winter activewear. Make sure you are dressed for the weather and the dark if running after daylight hours. Treat yourself to some smart new kit that you can't wait to show off but that is also practical and will keep you warm and dry in the winter weather. Layer up so that you can easily remove items when you get warm during a run.Invest in a lightweight jacket that will protect you from the elements but that is light enough to tie around your waist or pop in a small back.

Other essentials are a long sleeve tech top (as a base layer), running gloves, hat or headband that covers the ears, thermal running tights. There are many different clothing items on the market that include reflective strips to help you be more visible to drivers whilst out on a run.

2.Routine. Having a routine is always a god idea to help keep your fitness on track. Choose days and times that suit you best to go out for a run and stick with it. Think about when you feel most motivated to run – morning? Straight after work? – be realistic about how much running you can fit in.

3.Buddy up. Ask a pal to join you on a regular run to help keep you both motivated.The right running buddy will help you to stick to your schedule and push you further. If you have a dog then maybe they can be your buddy? Start incorporating some running time into your daily dog walk.

4.Join a gym or start a new class. For those days that you really don't want to be outside maybe consider joining a local gym or fitness class? There are many budget gyms around that offer great facilities if you simply want to workout and go without all the expensive leisure facilities that big gyms offer. Starting a new fitness class could help keep you motivated by doing something other than running (and its warm and dry inside!).

5.Workout at home. Try a HIIT workout at home or invest in some dumbells and use the time you are not running to do some strength training and stretching (see our Movement of the Month blogs for benefits and tips on strength training and stretching).

6.Set yourself a target. A new challenge for a new month. What are your running/fitness goals? Set yourself a target that pushes you but is also achievable and go out and smash it. Treat yourself to something you love once your target is reached. If you love bling then MedalMad Hit Your Target monthly medals may help you with this!

7.Reflection. As 2019 comes to an end, look back on the year and how far you have come on your fitness journey. Where were you in January 2019 and what did you hope to achieve? If you signed up to our NOW 2019 challenge, take a look back on your personal goals page, did you complete your challenge? If not, why not? Consider what you 2020 personal goal could be. 

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