Before Midnight: A Modern Fairytale.

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Runderella who just loved to run. She wanted to complete a Medal Mad virtual challenge and earn a medal called 'Before Midnight.' Alas, she was unable to, as her trainers were old and worn; they kept threatening to injure her each each time she wore them out on a run. Whatever would she do?

Runderella felt sad as she loved her old trainers and didn't want it to be the end of their time together but she knew that she would have to put her faith in a new pair soon.

Her old trainers had been on such a journey with her including The Great South Run in October 2016, her first half marathon in January 2017 and 3 subsequent half marathons throughout the year in 2017, and her first and only flying feet photo in June 2017! They wouldn't easily be forgotten but Runderella knew it was time to move on and order a new pair of trainers online.

One day, soon after, something magical happened. Her Fairy Godmother arrived in the form of the Postie who brought her two packages. The first contained her sparkling and shiny new trainers (which are the same model as her trusty old ones, just a different colour).When Runderella tried them on, they were a perfect fit and so comfy. In the second package, were some reflective, starry, Ministry of Running leggings that had been pre ordered at the end of 2017. Her running journey could continue on after all.

Runderella was thrilled. Now she would be able to complete her virtual challenge and claim her medal from Medal Mad. Runderella ran off into the sunset, in her stylish new running gear and, of course, lived happily ever after!

Becky @medalmadmummy

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