Benefits of Running for Kids and Virtual Challenges

There are many benefits for kids to start running. These can be looked at as social, physical and emotional. Of course one of the best ways to get kids to start is by virtual challenges. Kids virtual challenges can provide that extra bit of extrinsic motivation that kids might need to get out and be active.


Though running is a solo sport we all know the social benefits of running for adults. It does not mean kids have to have a chat after a run, with a nice glass of orange juice. But running provides wider social benefits. Kids will see peers and adults trying to achieve goals, supporting each other and offering help. On organised runs they will see people volunteering and supporting the event. On virtual runs they will see images of other kids like themsleves taking part around the world. So there are numerous social benefits to kids running.


Running has its ups and downs for everyone. Running provides the opportunities to deal with successes and challenges. It will help kids deal with a wide range of emotions from happiness to sadness. They will show and improve resilience and a level of self-efficacy, can they do it and what happens if they try and do not succeed? Running provides challenges but in a safe as secure arena and platform.


There are a lot of physical benefits the image below shows a few of the main ones. Apart form helping develop a healthy lifestyle it has direct impact on muscle development, bone density, proprioception and dexterity.

So why not try a MedalKids virtual run or challenge? Of course you can get the kids to walk, swim, cycle or scoot to complete our challenges. It is also important to break down the challenge distance to an appropriate level. Virtual runs can be done in parts such a 1km parts building up to a 5km challenge. 

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