Contender Ready, Worth Running For, SkyRunner and Runners of the Lost Ark Virtual Races

These are 2020 challenges, which is some way off, but the designs are amazing so we wanted to share them with you. We have looked at creating a number of challenges which have a big target to reach. So of course like all our virtual races you can complete these in parts. Click on the images for more details about each of these challenges. We do hope you there is a design that motivates you.

Remember to download the MedalMad running and challenge app. Track your distance using the MedalMad virtual running and challenge app or a tracker on your phone or a tracker watch. App users also get advanced notifications and additional deadline information. If you use the app you will also have access to My Stats, Race Results and Leaderboard. In the app you will find all your challenges where you can upload your evidence.

You can track your activity using the inbuilt tracker, upload existing evidence or take a photo of evidence. The MedalMad app offers an easy and convenient way to take part in virtual runs and challenges.

MedalKids Challenge Packs
The X-Run 10KM Virtual Race