What You Get 

  • ​Bespoke corporate membership
  • Access to events to arrange meet ups for employees to complete challenges
  • Private group on MedalMad community to share progress
  • Optional bespoke medal based on your branding
  • All administration, logistics and evidence verification 

All you need to do is have an idea what you would like your companies medal to look like and what challenge or challenges you would like your employees to do to earn your medal.​

Bespoke Costs 

Costs below are based on company paying entry fully subsidised. Please get in touch for further details.  

Number of Employees ​Set Up Fee ​Per Employee
250-500​ ​£200 ​£5

​You can choose any existing medal we have from our catalogue. We would agree a discount for your staff and any subsidised entry fee you may wish to offer your staff. They can then sign up to your challenge. Additional extras are available such as personalised well done cards. Please get in touch so we can go through the options.

Contact Us For More Info 


  • Increased employee wellbeing
  • Reduced employee absence
  • Improved team working
  • Improved company reputation
  • Brand awareness (everyone share a medal selfie) 

 The workplace is a great setting for health promotion as it directly influences employees' physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing with UK employees estimated to spend around 60% of their time in the workplace. Investing into the health and wellbeing of your employees can improve the company's image, staff turnover rate and productivity. The shared goal of health and well being can strengthen the bond of your teams.

You could see a ROI of between £1.85 and £3.55 for every pound spent just through savings from absenteeism. Furthermore a 1:9 cost savings ratio has been noticed in companies who invest in their employees' health.

Workplace Well-Being Tool

The British Government have created a simple excel tool to help employers to work out the costs of poor employee health to their organisation and create a business case for taking action 

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