MedalKids Challenge Review!

Amelia and Jesse are so happy that they have their new medals from MedalMad they absolutely love them.

Amelia had to run 3k to earn her medal and certificate. She really loves her Mad as a March Hare 3k medal. Jesse had to run 5k to earn his medal and certificate, he absolutely loves his You got a friend 5k medal.

We love MedalMad you can run virtual challenges, adults and children. They have their very own section for children which is really great, but if they want to do any of the other challenges they can do them to. They have an amazing app which is really easy and simple to use, you can use this to upload evidence, which I do as photos of them running aswell as the time it took them to run, by using their own timer. Then you literally press upload and just like that the information is received by medalmaduk.

The kids have such a hard time each time choosing which medal they want to do as they're are sooo many beautiful ones and so many different designs, they even have Halloween and Christmas challenges!

In total Jesse has ran 23k and Amelia has ran 20k. They are also in the process of doing their 4th medal each, which they are excited to do over this half term break.
I think keeping fit and staying healthy Is extremely important for everyone especially kids as it give them a good start and hopefully it just comes a natural thing for them when they are older to, and luckily with medalmaduk their prices are so cheap all you are paying for is the medal as the app is also free and postage!

I also find having Jesse with ADHD it really helps him burn off some of his energy and also focus all of that energy into something positive and also something that's going to reward him after, it's a really great intensive to work towards.

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