Darker Nights

Autumn is now upon on us and we will soon be in the grips of winter. With the days becoming shorter and the nights becoming longer many of us will soon be struggling to fit in our miles during daylight hours. When out in the dark we all need to take more care to ensure that we stay safe whilst walking, running and cycling. Read on for the MedalMad Top 10 Tips for staying safe on those winter runs…

  1. Wear bright coloured and/or reflective clothing.
  2. Wear or carry lights – there are many portable lights designed for runners and cyclists that are comfortable to wear or easy to carry, helping you to be visible whilst out in the dark. For example a head torch, chest light or knuckle lights.
  3. Ensure you run on the left side of the road.
  4. Do not listen to music – pay attention to your surroundings and use all of your senses to be aware of vehicles / people approaching you.
  5. Stick to routes that you are familiar with.
  6. Stick to routes that are well lit or in populated areas if possible.
  7. Let a loved one know that you are heading out on a run and the route you are planning on taking.
  8. Try to run with a friend or in a group.
  9. Take your phone out with you in case you need it in an emergency.
  10. Carry ID – so that you can be easily identified should you be involved in an accident.
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