Dealing with a Cancelled or Postponed Race

 Hello everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and well, and a big welcome to all the new challengers who have joined MedalMad in recent weeks.

Has anyone else taken up running in recent weeks/months? Can't help but feel like you've started running at the wrong time? Yep… that's me too… When I started running back in January I never for a single moment imagined we'd be in the place we are now. The sadness for me on the Bank Holiday Monday just gone where I should have been running the Vitality London 10K was crazy! Especially when people were sharing memories from last year's race all over social media!

So you've been really excited for that race/event and it's been cancelled (or you're 95% sure it will be) what happens next?

1."To train, or not to train, that is the question…"

With an event cancelled it could be easy enough to give up, but your first choice to make is, "do I actually train as if I'm going to complete the event". If you decide that actually no you don't want to train for the event that is absolutely fine. But if you decide to train so that you can run your own event on that day that is equally great! Don't let the cancellation of an event put you off running completely though!

If you do decide that you're still going to train to run your own event, go for it!

2.Pick yourself a virtual running medal to celebrate the achievement

If you're like me, part of the incentive of actually taking part in an event is receiving the medal at the end… when all that hard work melts away and you get what you've trained so hard for.

MedalMad has a great selection of medals to pick from, ranging from 5K all the way up to marathons. Just take note of the month the challenge is for if you're desperate to receive the medal soon after completing your challenge. Also, if you're not completing the distance for 12 weeks or so, plan ahead. Many medals are selling out quickly at the moment.

Some of my favourites include:

Just Keep Going 5KThis is the Greatest Run 10KDare to Dream Half MarathonMischief Half MarathonMajors Marathon Medals

3.Consider your route and support you may need

If you are completing your event on your own remember there are a few things to take in to account. If you're running 5K - 10K you're probably OK to not have to worry about aid stations etc. However, if you're aiming higher half/full marathon remember that you won't have the aid stations that you might have on a real event. Consider carrying your own water/snacks/gels, or find somewhere to leave them on your route… or even better, if you have a willing assistant get them to come out with you (e.g. when I attempt my half marathon I've asked my dad to come out on his bike with me so he can carry some water/snacks and a first aid kit in his bag).

4.Enjoy the opportunities open to you at this time

We (hopefully) won't ever have to go through this again, so enjoy the things you can at the moment. Enjoy the fact that you could tell someone in the future that you ran your own half marathon because a pandemic stopped you completing an organised one. Or the fact that you ran 5K in your garden! A couple of weeks ago I ran around 6K in my back garden as part of an Indoor Relay organised by the National Running Show. That was a great experience which I won't forget!

I know that running isn't necessarily all about running in a race, but race days/events are a chance for some people to prove to themselves they can do it… and let's face it, running with the support can be so much more fun than running by yourself.

Has anyone set themselves their own challenge to run? If so what did you complete? :) 

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