Emerald City

 My last blog was about some steps back I had while training for the London Marathon. I explained how after a few weeks of taking it easy and doing some cross training, my shin splint was able to heal. Which brings me onto my next challenge. 

I had a 10km race booked three weeks after my shin splint had caused me problems. Having not ran very much I was very apprehensive about doing it! However I decided to just go for it! It helped that I had a medal to earn from MedalMad, and it happened to be the Emerald City medal. Which states a message inside...'you are capable of more than you know' from the good witch!

Well crazily, and unexpectedly (because of lack of running, shin splints and a hilly course) I actually got my PB! I was thrilled, now the Emerald City medal means just that much more...

Now whenever I hit a barrier in running and training for the big day in April I think of the good witch and my medal. It even inspired me to go see 'Wicked' on stage! Happy running everyone and just always believe you are capable of more than you know!

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