Fairytale Book Collection Challenge

The new medals for 2021 

If you love fairytales then this is the fairytale challenge for you. Inspired by fairytales these beautiful medals can be earned, not just bought, by completing their virtual challenges. 

Motivation is not always easy, thinking about it is okay but actually starting and then finishing as well, not so easy. These fairytale virtual challenges could be just what you need.

Each fairytale virtual challenge can help you stay focused on your virtual run, walk, swim, cycle, row, roll or in the gym. 

Best thing is you can follow your own timescale. Complete each virtual run in one go or maybe do a virtual swim over a few visits to the pool.

How you do it is up to you. Why you do it is up to you. The medal you need to choose for your virtual challenge, if you love fairytales is obvious.

Join a fairytale challenge today. Click on the image of the amazing medals below to find out more.

The Virtual Fairytale Book Collection Challenge - ...
Nordbahntrasse Part 1