FAQ - Can I do A MedalMad Challenge In Parts?

​Here at MedalMad we have challenges ranging from 5K all the way up to 1000 miles, now unless you are superhuman, 1000 miles in one go is a bit of an ask...!

We allow challengers to submit evidence in parts for all of our challenges - whether it is a 5k, Marathon or 1000 miles, challenges can be done at your pace and split in to as many sections as you'd like.

You could use your daily walk to school or your 5k park run, a half marathon race result or your monthly gym machine totals, all of this is acceptable evidence and you can use this to claim your challenge medal. 

This doesn't mean you can't do a challenge in one go if you would like too, that is the beauty of MedalMad virtual challenges you can complete them to suit you and your current fitness levels. 

If you take part in one of our big challenges we find it easier to manage evidence when a monthly total is submitted, for example if you chose to take part in our 1000km challenge, 12 monthly screen shots would be perfect. 

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