Going Underground.

A little running event took place in London in April. I've followed it on TV since I was young and have been up to watch it live a few times. Yes, of course I am talking about The London Marathon. Like so many others, so far my ballot entry has been rejected, so when I saw that Medalmad were doing a London Underground Marathon Medal I signed up and completed the challenge on the same day as The London Marathon.

So, my run wasn't technically in London, (or Marathon distance) but the Missus and I had loads of fun clocking up the extra miles training for - and then running The Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Madrid, Spain.It meant I earned two medals on the same day!The Goodie Bag even had a Cerveza (Beer!) in it – how amazing is that!

A few people from our local Parkrun were taking part in London Marathon, including a good friend from school, Sarah, who managed to secure her place fundraising for an amazing local Charity, St. Catherine's Hospice.They looked after her dear mum at the end of her life .

Regular readers will know I found the love of running through weight loss and lifestyle change. Sarahfollowed a similar path and we've always said how we should 'do a run' together, so we did. It has her last training run before the London Marathon.Here's a Blog she wrote…

Sarah's Blog

I did my last run pre-marathon with a friend who I blame for getting me into runs and races!! He is one of my oldest friends, Craig and we know each other from before school. He was full of praise when I was doing the C25K Programme - constantly encouraging me to do Parkrun. I was reluctant and nervous but once there, have enjoyed every run!!He has continued to be so supportive, helping me reach PBs, advising and supporting me, especially on my marathon journey. I managed to see him three times in the Brighton half marathon and high fived him! He has run many Half and Full Marathons - this weekend he is off to do the Madrid half marathon with his wife, otherwise I know he would be in London supporting me.

Here's a selfie we took at Tilgate Lake, (also part of our local Parkrun). We had a lovely time on that run, chatting and not really paying attention to the pace or distance.We ended up doing more miles at a quicker pace than planned.Sarah achieved a fantastic result at the hottest ever London Marathon of 4.39 and I finished my Rock & Roll Madrid / London Underground Half Marathon in 1.58.10.  

Great times. 

Enjoy your running!

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