How to Take Part in the London Marathon in a Virtual Race

Taking on a marathon whether it is a virtual marathon or a real one can be challenging. What may make it that bit easier is a virtual run medal that is awesome. We believe we have created the most amazing virtual marathon medal. In fact we have created 6 amazing virtual run medals for the 6 world major marathons. Either way running a marathon is hard and if you are looking to take on our virtual marathon in one go, running alongside the real life marathon then you will need to do some extensive training. Of course you can walk.

Getting out there is the first step and  we all can make Excuses, excuses, excuses: you wouldn't be a virtual runner if you did not have a fair few. We think nothing of signing for a virtual run only to be put off training by a drop of rain.  But the truth is, apart from sore legs, feet and a few more aches and pains no one really has never regretted going for a run – or the feeling that comes with it. But many regret not doing something that day, missing that training session or not putting in 100%. Regret is such a difficult thing to change. So why not find that extra bit of motivation and run for an amazing virtual medal.

Our 6 virtual marathon medals have become a collectors piece, and some who run the real thing also claim our medal. We also have those that take on the challenge in parts and walk as a group of friends. Either way you too can earn an amazing medal. We have medals for the London marathon as well as Berlin, Tokyo, Chicago, New York and Boston. Check out the medals below.

`To take part in any of our Virtual Marathons

1) Sign up at MedalMad.com

2) Join a virtual race

3) Download the MedalMad app

4) Run or walk the distance in one go or in parts

5) Use the app to upload evidence

6) Wait for the medal to arrive in the post

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