I Did Berlin Too!!!

 I did Berlin too!!!

So in the month that Eliud Kipchoge set not only his own personal best but also a world record, I too was setting my own marathon best. And I got a nice shiny Berlin themed medal for it too.

I've never ran a marathon (my first one will be London 2019) but I am now two thirds of the way to completing a set of virtual marathon medals.

I'll be honest, 26.2 miles scares me. The idea of running them all one after the other feels like something I won't be able to do. Right now I don't think I could. What I did do for this medal though is manage to cover the distance in 1 week. That's a new best for me.

My average running week is around 14 miles, or at least it has been most of the year. Since getting the news I have a charity place for the London Marathon I decided to start increasing that. I've now clocked some 28 mike weeks. It's crazy to think I'll manage that in 1 day before too long.

This medal is not only linked to my own personal achievements but it's also a brilliant medal, I love hanging it up with the others. It's a brilliant size (bigger than all my other medals!), it's themed to Berlin (a marathon major) AND it's linked to my favourite game monopoly. I wanted these medals and when I want something I go an get it!!!

What do you want from your running? Why do you do it? Find those reasons and make them happen. I believe in you.

Three Quarters Of The way There!
Going Underground.