It is… inevitable

My wife and kids both started their journey with their medals a month ago, but with work being so busy I wasn’t sure I could commit to a challenge.

But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to put that motivation in front of me, give me a reason to keep going down the gym and clocking the Kilometres on the treadmill. And when my son earned his 10km medal with a comics theme I knew I had to find something suitably geeky for me.

I wasn’t keen on a 10km or even 20km one as I would achieve that too quickly for what I was aiming for. The 100km seemed to put that goal further away but none of the themes really grabbed me. And then I found the perfect one. The infinity gauntlet and all 5 stones, 60km of challenge and a very achievable 6 months deadline. 
to celebrate I hit the gym and put in a solid 4.5km run to start the ball rolling. The feeing of seeing I was already 45% along on the first milestone boosted me to want to push on as soon as possible, but that will now have to wait until the weekend. 
but the journey begins, and in paraphrasing Thanos the mad Titan himself, it is inevitable!

So Excited
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