Medal Fever

The problem with having the mindset of a collector is you want to collect things all the time and very quickly! 

I set myself the challenge of 60km to earn the gauntlet medal, as I enjoy comics and movies and this provided me a bit of both. And since I was already running 4km when I visited the gym and needed a drive to go more regularly this seemed the perfect idea. My family were already earning medals for walking challenges they had set themselves, so I was determined to run this.

What I didn’t bank on was how mush I was willing to push myself to get the medal and move on to the next one! The weekend after an initial 4.5km I found myself running 12.5km across two days. And suddenly I was within 3km of 2 of the 6 stages being completed.

And so we get to this weekend. I went Friday night thinking I could maybe spread my runs out a little bit so as not to do too much this time but still get at least 12km on the board. 6.25km later I realised maybe my desire to get the medal was maybe pushing me a little too much. 
then came Saturday. And another 6.25km, meaning I was now at 12.5km again. Leaving me just 0.5km from the halfway mark. 
well today (Sunday) I started out with a goal of 5.5km, leaving me with a straightforward 25km left and maybe 5 x 5km runs to finish. Then it became 6.5km… and then I realised if I pushed just another 1km I could hit 20km for the weekend. 

I have now submitted my evidence, and I’m just 23km from the finish line. Dare I try and do that in a single weekend? With how much I am obsessing over completing this anything is possible.

And all this from someone who could barely run 1km without needing to take a break. I think I will be very proud of myself if I manage this inside a month. 


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