Movement of the Month - Deadlifts

Strength training is important to help improve your running ability; it helps improve your power, flexibility and stability whilst also helping to prevent injury.

The deadlift strengthens the glutes and hamstrings whilst also strengthening the posteria chain – great for runner's stability, overall strength and injury prevention – creating an upright, solid torso.

We have created a video to demonstrate a good deadlift technique – start slow and light to begin with until you perfect the correct technique and then gradually increase the weight.

Attempt 5 sets of 10 continuous reps each, taking a short break between each set.

For a great strength workout, on a non-running day, you could superset deadlifts with your lunges and squats (that we have focused on in our earlier Movement of the Month blogs) for example 10 x deadlifts, 10 x lunges, 10 x squats, moving to each exercise without a break in between, continue for 4 rounds.

You do not have to use a barbell. You can use dumbbells, tins of baked beans or to started with a broom handle. Focus on form and your breathing. 

Look out for November's Movement of the Month!

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