New App and Website Updates Coming Soon

We are always constantly working to improve the experience for our community. And it is our community that have shaped the new features coming up on the website and the app.

The new additions to the website are small but will help make it clear when challenges sell out. We often get people saying they did not know, and can they join. But when a challenge is sold out it is sold out. So we have added a simple display to show how many medals remain so you can make sure you get yours in time.

On the app we have made some tweaks and squashed some bugs. But we have one big new feature coming. One that has been asked for by some of our community. Mainly the competitive bunch amongst you.

We have added the new Feature "Leaderboards" to the next update. These are live leaderboards. When you submit your evidence (and for leaderboards it must be a run done in one go) you can add your time. This gets added to the leaderboard straight away. So you can see how well you have done compared to others. They remain provisional results until the end of the challenge, until we have finished verifying all the evidence.The leaderboards will only be available on the app.

These changes will take place over the next few days so make sure you update your app when the new release is live.

MedalMad Team

The Rainbow Run 5km

Our latest MedalKids challenge is The Rainbow Run 5km challenge. Runs can be done in parts of course. Children under 11yrs should take on this challenge in parts.MedalKids challenges come with a certificate for the wall. 

MedalKids packs arrive with a sticker to show its for the kids so they can have the enjoyment of opening it. Use our free app to track the challenge and show the mini challenger their progress. Search MedalMad in the App and Play stores.​

We will be adding more MedalKids challenges in the next few months.

The Competition of Running

The biggest competition in running is with yourself. It is you that is normally the biggest supporter or hater of you. Our minds play tricks on us and when we are out on the road it has a free reign to put negative and positive thoughts in our heads. We are not good enough, not fast enough, what are people thinking, what am I doing and so on. 

But there is one thought that we should bring to the forefront every run. It does not matter how fast, how far, or what other people think, this run is not about anyone else, their opinion really does not matter. The run may be hard, but at the end of it we will be closer to our goal, we will be one more step towards being better than we used to be. 

Running is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. It works parts of us both on every run and every run makes you physically and menatally stronger. 

How Running Helped - By Nicki (Mrs MedalMad)
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