New goals

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New goals means new shoes right!?

​So after being injured last year a couple times (stress fracture,heel problem and arm) my running wasn't what it used to be. I actually got scared of picking up the pace again..not that it was something I knew instantly,I just realized it after moths. I knew I wasn't running as much and my endurance was baddd bud I just didn't had a clue how to pick it up again. And with Corona and all,I knew I had to set goals again.

So I started a new plan. To run 15k by the end of September. It is a 12 week plan. When I am done I should be able to run it in a bit more than over two hours,keeping an easy pace bc of my past injuries

Sooo,a new goal means new shoes right!? And there are so many brands I still love to try out. I heard so many good things about On Cloud and I slipped on a pair,bud no not this time. Then I fitted the Saucony Triumph ,also very nice..I had the Iso ride as my first pair. Bud then I got to the New Balance section and wow they felt so good!! So I got both. With a discount:) The 1080 feels tight,comfy and fast. The Vongo feels really great for those longer runs..up to 15k! 

​Do you have set new goals for yourself? Then good luck to you! I have no idea if I'll be able to make it,I just know that whatever happens you will always come out better and stronger 💋

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