New Medal Release, Plantar Fasciitis and Rhythm of Running

This week we are looking at injury and how to cope with it, check out the blog post from our very own Mike who is struggling with injury at the moment. We have a new medal release and some important information for the parents on the benefits of running.

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Running with Plantar Fasciitis

I have to admit I am not one of those that needs a good reason not to run. If there is an okay reason not to, I will find it. But over the last 4 weeks I have, I believe, a good reason not to head out. Now the weather alone would have been a good reason, but I have had a case of the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis.

It started when I changed any running trainers from the basic ASICs after two runs I had this issue.

So I have been out of action, but I am slowly making my way back. Now people have said that they had it and were fine affect a couple of weeks. Others said it has been ongoing for years, so I am dubious to say it is better but I am running again, slowly (no change there) and steadily.

Here are some things I tried after a lot of research. Now bear in mind I do not believe in one cure fits all. You will need to try things out, find what works and if it does not get better seek specialist advice. My wife told me to but I ignored her as per norm.

I tried the following

  1. Stretching - Shocker!! However I did not take some of the advice to stretch the foot. I had heard this can make it worse so I focused on calfs (Gastrocnemius), soleus and Tibialis anterior. This releases the tension on the muscles of the foot.
  2. Strengthening exercises - After some research I found that rather than stretching working adn strengthening the muscles under the foot would help. So in the evening I would put a towel on the floor and scrunch it up over and over again with my toes. Curling the foot up as hard as I could then relaxing.
  3. The Magic Ball - My wife had one of those spikes balls. Size of a tennis ball. Never know why but now I do. Rolling your foot over this, with some force helped. I could feel over a few days less bumps and notches so think it was rolling out the muscle.
  4. ICE - Every time I felt that I had antagonised it I used an Ice pack and strapped it to my foot, this really did help with the recovery.

So if you are suffering right now, be proactive, find some things that work for you and it will get better. When out and about taping up the foot also helped. Lots of YouTube videos showing you how to do this. 

This Is The Greatest Run 10km

Welcome to This Is The Greatest Run 10km challenge. A 10km walk, jog or run

They can say it all sounds crazy but in this challenge you can runaway to a world that you design. Complete the challenge in November and upload your evidence to your account by the 30th of November.

Download our free app to keep track of your progress. It can be done in parts so upload evidence as you go. Sign up now for just £10!

Run Rabbit Run 10km

Welcome to the Peter Rabbit - Run Rabbit Run 5km race. Originally for kids, due to popular demand we now have an adult and kids race.

Adults Race

Kids Race

MedalKids: Rhythm of Running

Now even those among us who think that their dancing days are over, or they never had any have rhythm. Running and even walking requires a half decent level of rhythm. Trying running in varying rhythms and you soon realise how weird that feels

When walking, running and especially skipping rhythm plays a massive parts in your level of effort, ease and speed. Now running is a great way for a child to develop an improved sense of rhythm and timing. By simply allowing them to run, they will find rhythmic patterns that provide them with the most effective way to move. Their body will create efficient timing patterns that triggers muscles to work in the correct order and in time.

This has massive benefits laters on in life as all sports require both rhyme and timing. The striking, catching and throwing of a ball all require both of these attributes. You do not have to be a professional to know who you hit a ball sweetly with a bat or club.

You feel it, the whole movement felt like you are floating on a cloud. This happens when everything comes together in one sweet rhythmic and well timed move. So running is great fun, great exercise but also great foundations for an active life for our kids.

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