New Shop for MedalMad Virtual Challenge

We are delighted to release our new shop, ready for 2023. The new shop will make signing up for new virtual challenges easier whilst still keeping all the amazing features of a MedalMad virtual run or challenge.

Some of these new feature include;

New Checkout process allowing you to assign a new shipping address to a challenge, doing it for a friend and want it shipped to them - no problem just add their address for that order.

New Voucher System Means you can now purchase a challenge specific voucher for a virtual challenge and send it direct to the recipient of the voucher. The QR code on the voucher will help them sign up and join you on your virtual challenge.

New Wishlist and Waitlist added so you can make sure you do not miss out on those new, restocked and upcoming challenges.

New Points System means you now save more of challenges if you are a regular MedalMad virtual challenge member, plus you can use your points and offer codes together!!!!

New Emails and Status Updates will be sent to keep you informed along your virtual challenge experience. Once you have completed a challenge you will see your challenge status update in My Orders page. Once approved you will receive and email and see the challenge status update again and then finally another email once the medal has been shipped. We hope this will help with clear communication about your virtual challenge.

New Contact Direct from My Orders Page

New Search and Filter Options

More Reward Odds for your Virtaul Challenge

The Scares and Scars
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