Red Hot Chillie Stepper

So first things first…How amazing are the MedalMad team and their NHS Medal! As an NHS Key worker, I cannot express enough gratitude for the part the Medal Mad team are playing. I certainly speak for myself (and I'm sure many other key workers) when I say how grateful we all are for all the donations, be it money, time, toiletries no matter how big or small… and lets not forget the Thursday night claps!

There's been a few super cute medal releases which have got me itching to put my shoes on and get earning some new bling.

Fairy Magic is one of my favourites at the moment. There are still some spaces left too! 

The Brightest Rainbow- is another incredible example of the ideas the Medal Mad team have! It's an emotive subject for so many but I think they've really nailed it with this one. What is you opinion on this one? 

For my fitness tracking I use a Fitbit Ionic. This tracks my steps, calories, sleep and a million other things I still don't know about yet (if anyone has a Fitbit feel free to message me and we can do some step challenges!)  

So for April I decided I was going to try and make the most of my downtime in between shifts and try and potch around my garden, take my little lad out for a walk or on his bike and really make the most of the glorious weather we have been having. He turned 6 in april while stuck in isolation, thankfully we were able to facetime everyone and he got all his birthday wishes regardless! Where would we be without internet and Disney+ TV? 

I managed to clock a grand total of….
251401 Steps, 356 flights of stairs, 184.5KM and a huge 75,825 calories burned! I also earned 2 medals which are the faaaaabulous Girl Power and the gorgeous New Beginnings 5km. For May I've signed up for Race The Express 9 3/4 Miles

Its no secret I am a huge Harry Potter fan and ther are a fair few lovelyHarry Potter ones which are both cumulative ones and a set distance (eg 5k or 10k) I absolutely love The Running Hat 50k one! LOOK AT IT in all of its shiny magical glory!

I have decided for May I'm going to do exercise every day, doesn't matter what, how long or how many repitions but I want to do something until the gyms reopen and my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes resume. Exercise is such an underrated form of combating our dark times especially with everything going on in the world right now. It is ok to feel anxious, it is ok to feel scared but remember you are not alone in this. 

There are loads of online resources at the moment. Joe Wicks on youtube for anyone doing PE at home with the Kids. Yoga classes, Clubbercise! Give it a go and try something new! Wish me luck on my May Challenge and turning 28! 

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