Your Running Motivation

Motivation is one of the mysteries of the world. It is a fluid, variable and fluctuating part of us. What motivates us changes every day, week, month and year. What motivated us in our teens would probably not be so high on our agenda now, well maybe for some. Or what will motivates us in the future will not be what motivates us right now.

The first step to harnessing your motivation for running is to really look at what your goals are. Not what you see on social media, or your friends or family think or what society thinks, but just your own personal goals. Be honest with yourself and don't get annoyed if your motivation is that you can have that piece of cake or extra pint. Once we are honest with ourselves we can then look at how we harness that motivation.

Now motivation comes in two main forms extrinsic and intrinsic. Now the goal, as most would say, is to reach the higher level of intrinsic motivation. So that you only do it for the internal rewards. Such as how you feel, the freedom, the challenge or the endorphin rush. But for many we may not get a strong case of the so called running bug. We won't ever be the person on Instagram doing a before and after video of the 12 miler for the 5th day in a row.

So there is a need for us to work on a balance between intrinsic and extrinsic. Medals, cake, pints or spa days can all be part of our motivational mix. These are good reasons to run. Mix this in with the intrinsic motivation, then we have a chance of reaching our goals. But always review your goals and keep them realistic. Keep them at the forefront of your mind and don't set them based on others views or actions. Don't get disheartened when your intrinsic motivation drops. it will, it happens to all of us, this is when you may need to top up your extrinsic motivation.

Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat 2019

That is not an instruction bu the name of our big distance medals. we have a 50km, 100km, 500km and a 1000km. You can sign up teach one or get the set. If you get the set by the end of December (or we sell out) then you will also get a free MOR Eat, Sleep,Run, Repeat running top.

Which one os your favourite colour?

You can use same evidence as you progress up the distances for this challenge. 

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The Gift of Running Christmas Edition

Are you always looking fro that Christmas gift for a runner friend or family member? Do they have the socks, the watch the top, headphone and all the other bits? well now why not give them a present of motivation. One that will keep them running the cold months.

Preorders will be sent out in November. 10% discount till the end of August. Price includes shipping. Welcome to the Gift of Running: Christmas Medal Collection. Did not think you could give running as a gift? Well now you can. Think of it as an advent for running. The lucky person who receives a gift of running box must complete 5km before opening a window. So that is a total of 20km to run or walk to earn each and every medal in the box. You can use a code in the box to assign the medals to an account if you wish to enter times on the leaderboards.

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You will have to run, walk or cycle 20k between the 1st of September and the 30th of November 2018. Earning a medal for each 5km of your challenge. 

Once you have completed the 20km all medals will be sent out to you. 

Evidence must be submitted before the end of November.

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