I was always the girl who hated to exercise, hated to walk never mind run! 

I had put on a lot of weight and was extremely unhappy with myself.

I started a weight loss program in August 2018 and just focused on my food intake.

I had secretly always wanted to be able to run long distances, come Christmas 2018 I'd lost 2stone in weight and I asked my husband to get me a membership to a couch to 5km class starting Jan 2019.

Every session of the couch to 5km got harder, every session I was convinced I was gonna pass out but I never did. 23rd of Feb I ran my first 5km non stop! 

I've gone from strength to strength. Getting pb after pb. 

I signed up on the 18th May for the medal mad 100km virtual challenge wanting to completed by the end of August. 

I completed it in just 71days and have signed up to do the 50km so when I eventually complete the 1000km I do have the full set. 

It's never to late to take up jogging. I'm addicted to it now and I am constantly looking at new races to do, new challenges.

The Fastest And Furthest August!
September Virtual Races Are Underway