Some Basic Running Tips to Get You Started

Getting started can be the first hurdle and where do you start? Running can be a great way to start your new fitness regime. You can start slow, walking, and build up. But here are some basic tips to get you started. Remember virtual running is only that name. Virtual running gives you the freedom to take part in challenges anywhere and anytime, but you still cover the same distance as a real life race.

So where to start?

1) Focus on your form and breathing. Try to listen to your body and run in a style that you feel comfortable. Only you have your body and your body is unique.

2) Start slow and build up slowly. Do not try and set new records everytime, you will risk injury and lose motivation if every run pushes you to your limit. Walking is a great way to start, then run walk. You can decrease the time between runs or the length of the running section. Plenty of ways to keep progressing. Make sure your body is ready for you next progressive step.

3) Try to add some strength exercise into your new fitness regime. These can be some basic simple but very effective body weight exercises. Keep an eye on our blogs for tips and hints about exercises you can do at home.

4) Plan ahead and keep a track of your progress. Sometimes we forget how far we have come. Changes can be small so recording them will help you stay motivated.

Most importantly enjoy what you do. whether that is walking, running, a bit of both. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!

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