The Fat Girl Who Runs

So back in September I spent my birthday in hospital. I been admitted and diagnosed with asthma. While nobody mentioned my weight I knew they were thinking if I lost weight it would help. 

So after recovering I decided that enough was enough and I needed to lose this weight. My husband, my kids and my dad needed me. I knew before being admitted to hospital I needed to lose weight so I could undergo surgery that I need. While I had been eating well I was still struggling with weight loss. I was browsing a Facebook page that brings lovers of the company Tikiboo together and a few people had mentioned that they had got into running because of the Couch to 5K app. So I went online and checked out this app and the reviews wee good so thought right enough is enough time to download and get started. 

I have never been one for running unless it was for cake and then I would have won gold in the Olympics for that if that was one of the categories. I didn't tell anyone what I was planning except for my tiki group. I hear you asking why wouldn't I tell anyone. Well let me tell you. I never told anyone as I didn't want to be laughed at. Like I said already I had only ever ran for cake. Have you ever seen the episode of Friends when Rachael and Phoebe go running well take phoebe and Forrest Gump and then my friend you have me "The Fat Girl Who Runs". 

So the day after downloading the app I got up picked my favourite pair of tikiboo capris (needed something to brighten my day after all I was going to run for what probably was the first time in my life) got dressed and jumped in the car to somewhere I could do this and where nobody knew me. I drove to Helensburgh as I decided to do this along the seafront. So I gets out the car switch the app on and away I go. For anyone not done the app before its weekly runs split over 3 days and as you progress you can go back weeks if you want to. So it starts off I walk for 5 minutes to warm up before starting my first 60 second run. This alternates for 8 sets and finishes off by a 5 minute walk to cool down. So I managed 1 run that day. Disappointing?? Maybe but not for me. I split my runs to every 2nd day. The second day I manage 2 runs and the 3rd day I manage 4 runs. Getting better so I must be doing something right. And the bonus point is that I have lost weight so I'm well chuffed. I'm still on week 1 due to being unwell but I wont give up. I will complete this app and one day I will be able to run 5K without stopping. 

It was while I was unwell I found out about MedalMad UK via Instagram. So again I looked into it and when I seen that I do it at my own pace and I could walk or run so I thought great lets get signed up. Having something at the end of it was a big incentive for me. Having a reward really helps keep me motivated. I signed up for my first challenge. 

My first challenge was the 5k Lest We Forget challenge. I chose to do this while walking as my husband joined me on this challenge. Unfortunately he never signed up for the medal (that's ok it means I will have more than him haha). I done it over a couple of weeks and went to different parks around me to do it that way I wasn't going to get bored easily by doing the same thing. I got so excited in our local park last week when I got to the car and went to log my walk and it showed me I completed it. I must apologise to anyone who reads this and who was there when I screamed with excitement haha. 

I have now signed up for my 2nd challenge and that is the Shelf to 5k challenge. My plan is to try and incorporate running into this one. 

So a note to anyone out there who like me wants to lose weight or simple just wants to get fit sign up here and get going. If I can do this and if I can run then anyone can. 

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