The Gauntlet Medal is Here!!!!!

We have been so excited waiting for this medal to arrive. We are not disappointed as it is one of our biggest medals yet. A total of 60KM is needed to earn the complete medal. 10KM for the medal and then 10KM for each of the stones. To complete this virtual race you can run, walk, swim or cycle. You can also use the gym as well. We have had 150 challengers sign up already to this virtual race and we hope you will be joining them, if you have not already joined. Click on the image to find out more.

The Gauntlet 60KM Challenge

​Sign up to a virtual race on our website then download the app to track your challenges and submit your evidence. You can take on our virtual challenge and complete them in parts. However if you want to make it a virtual race and compete against others you will need to complete the challenge in one go. You can take part anywhere and anytime in the challenge period. You can run, walk, swim, gym or cycle to complete the distances. if you use the MedalMad app you can select your activity and see where you finish on the activities leaderboard.

MedalMad App Update 2.0
April Virtual Races Evidence Deadline