The MedalMad Gold Star

Who remembers the feeling of getting a gold star at school?? Well we have the next best thing, a gold star for being an amazing virtual runner, virtual walker, swimmer, cyclist or a bit of everything. 

As our community has grown to over 17,000 members so have the number of amazing challengers who have achieved the Gold Star in the MedalMad app. To reach this dizzy heights you must have completed 30 challenges. That is 30 challenges full of hard miles, steep hills and scary downhills. Some have completed their 30 challenges in 150KM and some in 1000's of KM. But everyone has worked hard to complete their 30 challenges.

 As an extra reward, in addition to all the amazing medals you have earned, you will receive your MedalMad gold star medal through the post, engraved with your name, so no one can claim it without earning it. 

We are sending out the first five gold stars this week and we have a few more that are awaiting engraving. 

We want to say a big thank you to all our members who have taken on a challenge with us and supported our small business. Every challenge completed, every selfie and every story of personal development makes being a part of MedalMad an awesome place to be.

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