The MedalMad Shelf to 5k ‘How To’ Guide

Here are our suggestions on how to use our Shelf to 5k medal challenge with your Elf on the Shelf;

  • Decide when you would like to complete the challenge with your child and if this will be done in parts or in one go. It might be a good idea to check the weather forecast in advance!

  • Print off our LETTER FROM ELF and ELF COLOURING TRACKER sheet from the downloads section. Position these with your elf ready for when you child wakes in the morning.

  • Have your child complete the challenge. On the night after the child has completed their distance (or part distance) position your elf as though he has been for a run and place next to him the card that shows the distance completed so far (1km, 2km, 3km 4km 5km), preferably matching the distance that your child has completed so far. Distance cards are available to print from MedalMad downloads also.

  • When your child has completed the total distance of 5km use the MedalMad app, or website, to upload the evidence and ensure that your challenge shows as 100% complete.

  • Now wait patiently for the Shelf to 5km medal and mini medal to arrive by North Pole post. You can choose to either allow your child to open the post or discover the medals with the elf in the morning.

We hope you and your child (and elf!) enjoy completing the Shelf to Elf 5km!

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