New MedalMad App for the New Year 2022


​MedalMad has gone through so many changes since we began in 2015. In fact we have had three websites and now two apps.

Our aim in each was to grow a community that supports each other to reach their running and fitness goals. We all know the medal is important, it is why we have our own designer, in house, working on concepts and so many colour options. In fact there is a meeting just on colour of medals. But it is what the medal means to the individual that his most important.

We also wanted to offer more than just a medal. We are not a medal shop, it would be so mush easier of we were, but we want to add value to our challenges. We don't want the only interaction to be at checkout then at posting the medal. We want to make sure that our community know that our small team are here to help, offer support and give a thumbs up along the way. 

That is why our new app and upcoming features focus on our three core values;

1. Motivation

2. Community

3. Reward

With this in mind our app has been built to help you stay motivated with support from the community (including us at MM) and that you can access your challenge and extra rewards. Reward points have increased in value this year as well, as will our range of extra rewards from the MedalMad shop.

Download the MedalMad Challenges app today. Find friends, access support groups, track your challenges and much more.

 Whilst 2020/2021 has been a whirlwind we want to thank everyone who has been a part of MedalMad. It was a crazy time and our team worked tirelessly to keep medals going out the door. Things have calmed down a bit, and this has given us some time to implement these changes and focus on making 2022 the best year for every challenger.

Best wishes



MedalMad Champion January 2022
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