The Olympians Virtual Fitness Challenges NEW for 2022

 ​For 2022 we wanted to create a new virtual challenge that would push people to work towards and achieve their fitness goals. We know that this is something that cannot be achieved overnight, or just in one month, and so we wanted this to be an ongoing challenge that would motivate people for the duration of 2022, not just January and February! At the end achieving something great, feeling better than they have ever felt, fitter, stronger and healthier in body and in mind.

First we needed to create the reward – something that would both motivate existing MedalMad members and people who are already regularly active, to push harder and reach the next level in their fitness journey, but also to inspire those who normally shy away from exercise and need some inspiration to make a lifestyle change for the better.

Being MedalMad, medals were the obvious answer, but these couldn't be just any medal. We needed a theme, something that would appeal to the masses, something that screamed power and determination but that looked amazingly cool. We decided upon a set of 12 medals, designed to be completed one a month throughout the year, however these would be available in sets for extra motivation, or individually for people who would prefer to give themselves a little more time and perhaps feel that 12 challenges in a year might be a little too much. At MedalMad we appreciate that one challenge will not suit everyone – we all have different levels of ability, we are very aware that some of our members are strong walkers and will walk miles and miles, whereas others prefer a fast 5km run or a slower paced marathon distance, some prefer using gym equipment like rowing machines, or cycling or some wheelchair users roll their way to the virtual finish line.

 So that this set of challenges would appeal to everyone we decided that challengers should be able to set their own distance and duration goals. This meant changes to the MedalMad website and app were needed to allow users to select from a variety of distances and durations, we also needed a medal design that would allow us to engrave each challengers achieved distance and duration. Therefore, you will see that with these challenges you can choose from between 50 miles to 300 miles and a duration of 7 days to up to 90 days to complete your selected distance, you can also choose to have your medal engraved in miles or the km equivalent if you prefer. Brilliant! I hear you say, so what next?!

Next was the theme of the medal designs – after much brainstorming we came up with the idea of gods and goddesses and finally the 12 Olympians. Our own in-house creative designer, Hannah, got to work on researching and sketching the first few designs by hand to begin with before transferring this to digital. We all agreed these medals needed to look amazing, great quality, and we wanted these to be double-sided. After some tweaks to the initial designs, we agreed on the first medal of the sets, the Zeus medal! We work very closely with our medal supplier and factory to ensure that what we have visualised is achievable and we always request a sample of each medal before going to full production, so that colours can be tweaked, if necessary, before the final production, we also have the option to sample in a variety of different medal finishes before deciding on the one we think will work best for the chosen theme.

Each Olympian has its own special powers, this is shown on the medals along with their own motivational quote to help spur you along on your journey. We also decided to give each medal its own individual Well Done card, in this case we decided it would be fun to add the powers of that Olympian to the Well Done card. This has enabled us to create a fun set of motivational congratulation cards to collect but that also act as a fun game if you wish! Collect all 12 and play your Olympians off against each other – will Aphrodite trump Hermes in determination or speed? Will Zeus trump Hephaestus in strength and endurance? Which Olympian will come out and top, complete all 12 challenges to find out.

As if all this wasn't enough we have also added the following to each challenge;

  • Access to private challenge group in the new MM app.
  • Link with your friends and share your progress in the new MM app
  • Earn reward points to save money off future challenges
  • Earn the Olympian profile badge to display on your profile for any one of the Olympians challenges completed.
  • Worldwide shipping
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