The Pursuit Challenge 13.1M Section

 It seems that I Just can't say no.Every new challenge Medalmad launch - I want to take part in.

So, when I saw the Pursuit Challenge - it just had to be done. I'm not running a marathon this year, and to be honest I am really enjoying just staying half marathon fit.

One of the halves in my diary this year, (after thoroughly enjoying it last year) was the Worthing ½ Marathon.I knew the wife was away, so rather than moping around I signed up.

It was a bitterly cold but sunny February morning, standing at the start with around 1800 other runners. The first few miles were through the town centre so we were shielded from the wind - the pace was good.

Like with all events I run I had 3 goals in mind. 1. Not to oversleep on race day 2. To finish the race and 3. Improve my time! My plan for the 3rd goal was to dip under 2 hours.

Taking on gels and walking at the water stations helps me to focus and split the race down into sections.

All was going well until we came out of the town and along the seafront at mile 8. I felt like I was being blown backwards! I just kept my head down and put one foot in front of the other. Having run the same course last year I knew we had a lap of the park towards the end, I just hoped the wind would push me along. So I reached 10 miles and my watch was saying 1h31 giving me 29min to get home and reach my goal no. 3.

One last water station then the finish was in sight along the sea front. As cold as it was, there was great support and as I was wearing the T-shirt, I had a few shouts of "Come on Medal Mad".

So did I get my Sub 2 hours??

YES!My finish time was 1.58.59

My next Challenge is "These Girls Can" (I told you I can't say no!)

Happy running! 

These Girls Can Run The World
Emerald City