The Running Hat Virtual Run

The Running Hat Virtual run is a challenge for 2019. A total of 50km has to be completed to earn the medal and all the tie charms.  The challenge can be completed by running, walking or cycling. Challenges can also be done in parts and broken down to a level that suits medal and each tie of this virtual run is earned by completing 10km. Each part is then sent out as you complete them.

Being a virtual runner gives you the freedom to run when, how and when you want. You do not need to travel, be restricted to a time, have to run at a certain place, it the freedom of running. But it still gives you that motivation, that’s extra carrot to keep you running. You can be a virtual runner on your own or you can find a group of friends and take on the challenge together. 

The MedalMad team work hard to make virtual running as easy as possible, with speedy medal delivery and the awesome MedalMad app. Where you can track your progress and send in evidence. No other medal virtual running company provide the same level of service and ease of being a virtual runner. Of course you could be a virtual walker or virtual rider. Do your challenge your way.

Virtual Running for Kids
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