The Scares and Scars

Well who would have thought? Its Christmas Day 2022 at 00.30. Not New Years Eve when most resolutions are made but sooner started the better.   I fell upon the concept of Medalmad and it opened my eyes !  I had recently purchased a smart watch to monitor my health closely and it clicked that this combined with MedalMad was my formula to motivate myself.  

I have the scars and have had the scares. My health has been a mess !    I truly believe stress caused my body to do things it has done.

Take heed at what I say as it could help others to think about evaluating the life you have or the life you should have. 

I last recorded a walk 90 days ago......... I repeat 90 days ago......3 months.........a quarter of the year ago !!!

What stopped me?    I love the fresh air...I love walking.

I live in the best and beautiful part of the world !

I had serious lifesaving surgery during the covid pandemic in 2021 which has meant nearly two years recovery.  

Still very slow progress but starting to challenge myself is the way to go !  

Message from MedalMad at Christmas
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