First of many blogs to come... 

Today I'm channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw (except less alcohol, no where near such fab shoes but still the big curly hair!) and writing my first blog as a Medal Mad Ambassador! *screams*

I'm watching 100 Kilo Kids: Obesity SOS (Channel 4) and it's giving me some interesting food for thought... pun intended.

Exercise as we all know plays a really vital role in not only our weight loss journeys but out mental health too. In 2015 I struggled with my mental health, being a young mum and working full time took it's toll on me in so many ways, as a result I saw my weight gradually creep up (I may add I was newly married, we both worked shift patterns and I discovered Tesco's finest Café Latter ice cream...)

I was unhappy and unmotivated and then I discovered Medal Mad! I signed myself up for some medals, grabbed my beautiful 4 legged friend and off we went! I struggled getting out and about but knowing that she needed walking as much as I needed the fresh air was enough for me to put on my big girl pants, switch off Netflix and get my trainers on. 

We're now 3 months into 2020, 2 and a half stone down and I love going out every week come rain or shine! I've started other forms of exercise and roped family members into joining me too (or risk my incessant whinging) 

I've still got a distance to go both literally, physically and emotionally but with Cardiff Half Marathon looming it is time to step this up a gear (please come find me at the start line as I wont make it to the finish line) 

So my first question is - What is your run-spiration? What gets you out of bed and down the pool for a swim, on the bike for a nice ride or just out for a walk? I'd love to hear your stories and Can't wait to share my journey with you too. 

Katie x