Why MedalMad is More Than Just Running

We have always had people ask if they can take our challenges but complete them by other means than running. Walking, swimming and cycling are the most popular alternatives to running. We still see ourselves as a virtual running community and we are proud of all our virtual runners who take on any challenge. But we see ourselves as more than just being about running, we want to be that extra bit of motivation to help people reach their goals. So we made the decision to add a new feature to the app to allow people to chose the activity that they completed the challenge by. We wanted to make sure everyone feels able to take part in challenges their own way.

In addition to offering challenges for people who don't want to run, we also wanted to offer the chance for those who want to cross train, or who are recovering from injury to still take part. Cross training is important to avoid injury from over training and also important when recovering from injury. So we wanted to make sure that everyone could take on a challenge at the appropriate level and in a way that is best suited for them. 

Now not all challenges are suited for an activity other than running. I Will Run for Gin medal is kind of set as a running challenge but you can take on this challenge in anyway you like. Some challenges may not be long enough to make it a real challenge for cycling. But we wanted to make sure people had as many options, and that it was clear we are about the motivation and not purely about the running.

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