Partner With MedalMad

MedalMad can provide the platform for your charity, business or brand own virtual challenge/race. It is a great way to raise funds and or raise your profile. It can be an income generator, a great marketing tool or both. Many start a virtual race themselves but soon realise the headache of managing customer expectations, managing evidence and shipping medals can be too much. Outsource this to us and we will make sure your event is a pain free success.

We have two options to host partner events.

1 - The design, production and shipping. This is where you may want to manage the challenge on another platform but wish us to manage the shipping and handling.

2 - The design, production, hosting and shipping all via our platform. An all in one solution that includes a range of marketing opportunities as part of the package and additional paid add ons as well. You can also include supplementary rewards such as certificates, finisher tops, caps, mugs and downloadable goodies on completion, such as vouchers for your business. The options are endless and affordable as we do it all in house.

kids virtual running
kids virtual running move and explore

Why Use Us As Your Partner?

Our platform has a number of benefits, not at least our app that makes taking part in virtual challenges so much easier.

In the front end for our users we have a rewards points system , social feeds, reward profile badges and much more. We are also able to create tailored reward packages and different ways of earning the same medal, great option if you want a kids versions, different reward packages or different distances etc for the same event.

The back end of the business we have a small but complete distribution centre. We are able to store and dispatch medals safely and within hours of a user completing a challenge. We ship over 3000 of our own medals a week to over 28 countries with a 99.4% delivery success rate on the first attempt.

We also have an internal graphic design and marketing team to help us create medal designs and also promotional marketing material to support your challenge.

Finally we also have the ability to personalise medals in house for challenges which can generate extra income for you and no delays in the customer getting their medal. We can also create a range of supplementary gifts and produce finisher tops all linked to your challenge. All of these increase your revenue on a profit share basis. None of which you have to pay for in advance of a sale. We stock the base items and create bespoke items on order, so no additional costs for you, other than set up costs on some items.

Get In Touch


This is the big question and with so many variable it is difficult to give an exact answer, so we do ask that you get in touch. To give you an idea if we are the right partner for you below are some guide prices for the development of your event.

Design and factory mold fee for your bespoke medal £150 - £300 ( depends on the design and style)

Cost per medal £1.50- £3.00 ( Depends on design)

Our handling fee per medal £1.50 - £2.50 ( Depends on QTY of medals ordered )

Shipping per medal £0.80-£2.95 (shipping is deducted from each sale)

We have a minimum of 300 medals for the first event. After that you can top up you event by as little as 100 places using a part of your revenue to fund these places.

We would provide a full tailored package that would include, set up costs, managing your event for you, marketing and promotion and additional supplementary add on set up costs.