Selling on MedalMad Marketplace

Looking for new places to sell and promote your products? The MedalMad marketplace offers a community full of people looking for ideas and products to help them stay active and healthy. 

Become a seller on MedalMad and not only will we host your products we will actively promote them, why? Because our challengers can use their reward points to get a discount. So the more challenges they do the more they can save.

This does mean you have to agree to the discounts being used on your products, more details below, but it is a great way to promote your brand, reduce overstocked products and save on marketing costs.

kids virtual running
kids virtula running move and explore

How it Works

1. We will create you a sellers account

2. Log in and add your products and update your seller details

3. Order information is sent direct to you to fulfill

4. Payment are made to you by us on agreed terms

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Sellers Key Terms

  • Set up fee £39.95 per sellers
  • 8% commission fee on final sold price excluding shipping
  • Seller agrees too a maximum of 35% discount on listing price, applied by the use of MedalMad Reward points.